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To be quite honest, I love writing about sports more than anything else. If you read my prior post you know that this blog is a bi-product of  a sudden epiphany like incident I experienced about a month ago. It made me start-up this blog and also made me look for other places I can show off my writing talents. I found a website called It’s a great site that lets me outlet my writing nationally. I get an opportunity to reach a different-wider audience through this site. I’m currently one of the writers for the New York Mets, and as of right now I am the only writer for the Detroit Lions. This blog is going to be put on back burner for now. Maybe I’ll get back to it in the future, but as of right now I want to build my portfolio of stories and blog posts on this site so I can hopefully land a job with ESPN one day.


My Parents Just Destroyed Me.

I graduated from the University at Albany a year ago already and I have nothing to show for it. I haven’t blogged since graduating, so yup you guessed it, this is my first post of 2012. Congratulations to you for being the first to see what I have in store.

The job market is tough, no doubt about it, but I haven’t made any effort to get a job in the field. Not even an internship. So what have I been doing? Enjoying life, doing stand-up comedy, and  breaking my hand in Cancun, just to name a few. I work as an assistant manager at Sunglass Hut, and it definitely pays the few bills I have.

I love my parents to death, and every couple of days my parents asks me what I’m doing for my career. I never have an answer for them. Last week, went down a little differently. Instead of just talking to me like an equal, they completely rocked my world and demoralized me.  It all started when I told them I was going to get my tattoo. As a side note, this tattoo that has been planned for months now. During those months my dad was nothing but supportive, but this time he and my mother let it all out.

They started out by asking me why am I going to drop 300 beans on a tattoo I can’t even see. Me being the wise ass witty comedian that I am, I told them that 300 dollars included a mirror. They didn’t appreciate my sense of humor. They told me they hated the idea, and how I was spending money like it was going out of style. Yes, it is an expensive tattoo, but I’ve wanted my name on my back for as long as I can remember. I thought I had their blessing all along until they told me I would look like a convict. To quote the exact words out of my parents mouths, my mom yelled “Why don’t you just put your birth date on your back too.” My dad responded instantly as though this sequence of one-liners was premeditated, he screamed back “-but don’t put the numbers too close together, people might mistake them for a prisoner ID number.” I was completely in shock because it came out of nowhere and it left me speechless. I was having flashbacks of when I was younger when I used to get in trouble for doing stupid stuff like drinking, or hitting my brother. I was reeling after this talk. I’m usually good with words as you can probably tell, but I had no words for this. It started with the tattoo but, it quickly morphed into a talk about my future. They kept asking me why am I not doing anything, and why do I have no drive or passion to get a journalism job. I submitted many applications but kind of lost hope and got really comfortable with making good money selling sunglasses and enjoying my life.  I am only 23, how can you expect me to want to find a job after finishing college. I just spent 12+ years in school doing everything I was told, and the first year I get a taste of independence and freedom, they cut me down and bring me to my knees.

All I want to do is enjoy life and that’s what I’ve been doing. I remember when I used to get yelled at as a kid or punished where I felt such hatred for my parents. Any kid is going to feel that way directly after their parents kick them off of Nintendo or something like that. When my parents wouldn’t let me go to a party after prom I was heated when they denied me that right, and I felt that same way after this talk at first. I felt like I can never get a break and no matter what I do is wrong.

The thing is though, on the bright side, they did hit a few good points. They helped me realize that even all the hours I put into work,  I still have a great deal of time when I’m off of work, and I can be doing something productive. Hence this blog. This blog is here to stay. I realized, although demoralized, that this talk was for the better. If only I could have had a point of view camera helmet on so I can give show you all in full detail the brutality of this talk. I haven’t seen my parents this pissed at me in a long time. It was a wake up call though. I can look at the conversation as being anti-productive, but it really wasn’t. I looked at the bright side and I think  it was very positive because it reignited the passion I have to write, and for that I thank my parents. Kudos to them.

To any of you who read this whole blog, I thank you. More to come in a few days.


Welcome to my blog, most of you are coming over to read this from Facebook or Twitter, so you already know my name is Jimmy Forgione. I graduated from SUNY Albany with a degree in Journalism and I am flat-out sick and tired of the typical journalist.

Why must a journalist always try to uncover the truth by bringing out the bad in someone or something? A regular journalist is always finding out the bad that goes on in the world and brings it to the public so that they are aware of the situation. We read in the paper all the time about how this poor little girl got killed in a car accident by a drunk driver, or how the government is using tax payers money wrongfully, or how big shot investors are embezzling money in offshore accounts and all that crap. As a journalist it is expected of us to bring out the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. There’s a lot of wrong out there in the world and journalists do a good job of covering that stuff, and that stuff sometimes can be overwhelming.

If you’re like me, than you don’t want to hear all those depressing news stories about who died or who got arrested. I am not promoting the thought of living in a bubble by any means though. There are things in this world we can’t put a stop to, we need to hear some of that stuff. It’s raw and real. It does put things in prospective for us too, and it might even get you down, and depressed that there’s no good in the world. I’m here to tell you that there is good in the world. We all know there is, and this blog will prove it in many different ways.

My good friend always lived his life by believing “Life is a gift from God.” Well what better way to enjoy that gift then to smile and laugh a little bit. I hope this blog does just that. Throughout my ventures, I will share here my personal experiences where I saw the glass half full in my day-to-day life. Other posts will be about small stories that might get thrown by the way side. The stories many of you might miss. Whether it be about sports, randomness, or my favorite (just kidding) politics. We all can find a blogger or a journalist out there right now who is bashing our President Barrack Obama for not doing the right things.However, how many of you know that last month Obama signed a small bill to help small start-up businesses gain capital easier.  Exactly. Many of us might not have known this unless we sit on CNN or FOX News for 24 hours straight. Hopefully stories like this will help your day go by a little bit better knowing not all hope is lost.

Not to sound to cynical, but #lesbianist for a second, life is too short to be living with such a repressed and hopeless feeling that there’s no good in the world anymore. I do stand up comedy. I enjoy making people laugh and bringing some joy to someone. Laughter is key and sometimes a feel good story helps too. We all have our own ways of cheering ourselves up, because we all know that sometimes the heat in the kitchen might be a little too much for us to handle. College tuition is rising, jobs are hard to find, gas keeps going up, cost of living keeps going up, and our optimism keeps going down at times because of many of these things. Admit it, we all think about it at least once a day. If not, then you might be a stronger person than me, and maybe this blog is not meant for you. For everyone else, things do get heavy sometimes and if they do, take a little weight off your shoulders by stepping over to the bright side (#Catchphrase).